Villa Zelie - Happy staff


Villa Zelie’s team of professional staff takes care of everything, leaving guests free to relax and enjoy their holiday.  Let your villa manager know what level of personal service you are comfortable with.  Would you like staff on hand throughout the day to service snacks and drinks, or would you prefer to see them only at meal times?  The manager will convey your preferences to the team, as well as taking care of all your special requests, to deliver a personally tailored luxury holiday experience.

Villa Manager

The villa manager is available to assist you throughout your stay.  He oversees staff and villa operations ensuring standards of excellence in all areas and imparting local expertise when needed.


The villa’s skilled chef and kitchen staff do all the market shopping and are available to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner according to your tastes and schedule.


Villa attendants ensure the villa is always clean and tidy, provide drinks and snack service throughout the day and wait on the table at mealtimes.


Gardeners and maintenance engineers ensure everything works as it should, keep the swimming pool and garden clean and beautiful and ensure maintenance is discreet or unseen.


A night security guard is on duty from 11pm to 7am, ensuring your safety and security.

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