Villa Zelie - Chef and his foods


Villa Zelie is foodies’ paradise found.  Many of Bali’s most acclaimed restaurants are just a couple kilometres from the villa in trendy Canggu and upscale Seminyak, but nothing beats the convenience and privacy of sharing gourmet meals at the villa prepared by your personal chef.

The menus

The full-time chef at Villa Zelie prepares a wide range of delicious family-style meals, including Balinese dishes, Indonesian cuisine and international food. Indonesian food is made with plenty of aromatic herbs and spices and can be surprisingly fiery.  Be sure to try kemangi, a fragrant zesty basil that’s a favourite flavour for many.  All dishes can be tailored to your personal tastes so let us know your dining preferences – hot or mild, light or hearty, adventurous or selective.  The kitchen team can also stock the refrigerator with your favourite snacks and tipples – just let them know what you’d like added to the shopping list.

Grocery system

Groceries and beverages are charged at cost price with 20% plus handling fee  which is also subject to government tax and service charges.  Guests will be requested to provide grocery money in advance, and the staff will do the shopping and keep the receipts for reference.  To make the most of the kitchen and give staff time to shop, it is a good idea to plan meals the evening before.

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